Be sure to check back next year!

Being part of the Veteran Shark Tank as a contestant is a great way to build a network for life. If you are unsure, look at our media page and check out the Veteran Shark Tank social media profiles to learn more.

When you are ready to continue your application, please follow these steps:

1. The business submitting the application cannot be older than 3 years old on the day of the competition (December 4, 2023).

2. Fill in all the information requested in the boxes below.

3. Provide a brief video, 2 minutes or less, explaining what your business is and why it should be included in Veteran Shark Tank 2023

4. Provide a PowerPoint presentation, no more than 10 slides, ensuring that you cover the following topics:

  • Market: size, growth, competition and regulatory dynamics of target market
  • Product / Service: description of product / service and value proposition
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: customer acquisition strategy and cost
  • Customers: profile and attractiveness of clients
  • Financials: current and projected financial model, including sales, cost of goods sold, operating expenses and expected profits
  • Key Risks: identified risks and potential mitigants

5. If you receive a notification after your submission that you did not meet the criteria for submission, you will have 5 days from notification to correct the errors identified and resubmit.

If you have any questions about the application process or need technical support, please email