Similar to the popular television show Shark Tank, aspiring Veteran entrepreneurs will get to pitch their business plan to a panel of ‘sharks’ and audience at the New Jersey Adventure Aquarium. The winning pitch will receive a monetary prize and business services. Interested in pitching your business idea?

See the testimonials below of some previous participants below:

[quote]I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the GPVN Veteran Shark Tank. Just participating in the competition gave me the confidence I needed to launch a successful business that thrives today. But winning the competition really put me on the map as a young veteran entrepreneur looking to create major value and impact. I am indebted to GPVN and its leadership for creating such a tremendous opportunity to showcase veterans like myself.
– Mike Maher (Co-Founder and CEO of Houwzer)[/quote]

[quote]The 2014 Veteran’s Shark Tank gave me a platform amongst my fellow Veterans and community leaders to share my vision and business idea. I believe events like this really help Veterans speak in front of an audience that is there to support and appreciate the ideas and business sense of Veterans.
– Jerry Flanagan (CEO of JDOG)[/quote]

[quote]Being a huge fan of the TV Show ‘Shark Tank,’ when GPVN offered the opportunity to participate in the Philadelphia Veterans Shark Tank, I immediately applied to compete. I had just spent several months completing a business plan. In preparing my presentation for the competition, I gained a deeper understanding of the value my products and services. Presenting and then receiving feedback from the judges greatly assisted me with confidently and convincingly articulating my company, business plan and its value proposition to my customers, team members and facilitators. From no contract awards during the time of the competition, my business has now been awarded 35 federal and state contracts totaling over $2.5 million – thank you GPVN!
– Bill William J. Belknap, Sr., M.B.A.[/quote]